Friday, January 2, 2009

Can you see what best your subordinate can do?

Felt really proud to read about A R Rehman's commendable musical performance for the movie " Slumdog Millionaire" and the acknowledgement of the same by Wall Street Journal. He states at one point--

It's very difficult to get a director who understands what you're capable of," said Mr. Rahman. "Danny Boyle was definitely good luck for me. He could get what I was trying to do, and in my own little way I could get what he wanted. So if I can get another director like that I would definitely love to work in Hollywood."

I feel that this trait to understand what one's subordinate is capable of is central not just to the management concept of employee satisfaction but also to the overall capacity of organizations. If it matters for a music composer of the phenomenal calibre of Rehman, it should surely matter for any employee, student, bureaucrats or simply anyone who is working under the directions of someone. Its a supreme quality that people should acquire as they are made to be responsible for the growth of people working them. Thats one of the important litmus tests of them deserving to be in that position of authority.

Why was Einstein considered to be a laggard during his college days? Why do really capable bureaucrats end up in becoming victimized by the corrupt setup?

Probably the answer lies in that statement by Rehman

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