Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Corporate Political Responsibility ?

A dear friend of mine shared this campaign which was initiated in Accenture on behest of his brother making a strong effort to use the organization communication platform to promote citizenship amongst employees.

As much as we talk about turbulent times in economic terms, there are countries in the world which are seething from politically turbulent times and that too for years. In India we don't see it as a regular affair thanks to having a democratic base (irrespective of the quality of the people representatives) and our values which are rooted in peace and amity (generally speaking). But having said that, our democracy leaves much to be desired. To me it appears like an ugly distortion of the strong political ideology.

I think this initiative from Accenture is a big message which promotes its employee base to go out and vote by actually making it part of their CSR agenda. A very active way of promoting something which our country is acutely in need of.

These are signals of making politics more palatable for the educated class. It is a small step in terms of magnitude of effort actually needed for change to be realized, but a huge step in terms of symbolism of India Inc taking the problem of our weak democracy as part of its CSR agenda. It actually is Citizen Political Responsibility being promoted the CSR route.:)

It appears like an initiative to ward off politically turbulent times.

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