Friday, December 19, 2008

India has none but its own self to depend upon

Very thought provoking piece on what it means to be lonely at a geo political level. Its time for our nation to get its act together and be assertive about what our intrinsic needs and apprehensions are from a security perspective.

As someone rightly stated- 'People are neither for you nor against you. They are for their own selves'. Its so true for international politics as well.

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Vinay Puri said...

Yes, India's condition is critical and it cannot be compared to any country (Israel or U.S.) in the world. Israel is fighting against a terrorist organization but we have a terrorist nation to fight with. Not sure who controls the Nukes of Pakistan.. Who funded and Who provided are other sides of the coin. But why India is wasting $21 billion to buy arsenal, why don't India spend this money to fund population control program and educate children. I would prefer if India have signed up such deals with EPA (Environment Protection Agency)or universities here. USDA (Department of Agriculture what controls the quality of food and drugs)has opened its office in China to standardize their products.

Other day you asked about the difference between India and U.S. - Awareness. Indian companies still do 'eyewash' business. They don't work for long term business plans but for short term money gain. People here are less greedy (Except bailed out CEOs, but their days are over now). We see many old people work with churches or N.G.O. Hardly they retired and that's the key factor of long life expectancy rate here.