Friday, December 19, 2008

Admitting the creation of Frankenstein: Kudos to the writer

We know how difficult it is to admit one's faults. Its a rare virtue. Mr Hussain, an eminent journalist from Pakistan has done justice by clearly and openly expressing the faults of its political and army leaders and the utter uselessness of the denial of the presence of the dragon which they themselves have given birth to and now which is bringing embarrasment to the nation from all possible quarters.

The earlier the government decides to take action against this 'terror child', the better it would be for the world in general and Pakistan in particular. I am sure a lot of Muslim brethrens would be wishing the same.

Do check this out.

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Rahul Gupta (RPG) said...

Never read a Pakistani columnist express his opinion so frankly, was a good read. Thanks for sharing!!