Saturday, November 22, 2008

State tightens its grip over IIMs

IIM All Yours!

Another case of the muscle headedness and high handedness on the part of the State to stifle the autonomy of higher education in India. The victim in this case is the group of premier Management Schools in India.

When will the politicians understand that true leaders believe in empowerment. Holding power to oneself and using it in a high handed manner is a sign of supreme insecurity and evil tendencies.

But when has HRD Minisiter Arjun Singh cared for these voices!

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Rahul Gupta (RPG) said...

Dear Ujjwal I cannot agree more. You are absolutely right that holding power to oneself is a sign of insecurity. I wish our politician were able to understand something like EMPOWERMENT. But these are the people who have joined politics out of their hunger for power/money and not out of their service for their country. Nothing should come as a surprise from them and thats the irony.