Monday, March 22, 2010

The problem with Thalis

I had the opportunity to go and check out a restaurant which offers a Thali system of meal- quite a famous chain of restaurant by the name - Rajdhani. A 'thali' by restaurant lexicon stands for a meal which provides you a plethora of options. You start with three deserts and that is followed by atleast 4 to 5 curries, some yoghurt and then a range of two to three sweets. By the time the entire thali is served you realize that there is so much on it to eat that it gets difficult to choose. You feel like having everything because everything looks tasty :). So after i had tried most of the dishes in small quantities, i found it difficult to state which particular curry i liked more than the rest. So when the person came to ask if I needed more of some particular curry, i just randomly indicated my finger. Does that happen with you too? :)
I wondered if i had gone ahead with only one single curry (the way i normally do) and just enjoyed that to the utmost, would I have relished my meal better?
At the end of it all came the dessert- that too the choice to choose one amongst three. Again after having couple of spoons of one, i realized that i really didn't have the capacity to enjoy it any more !

May be in the middle of two meals if I would have had the same dessert, it would have tasted better.

I wonder if I face the same 'thali' phenomenon when i have to choose to read a particular book from amongst plethora of choices or check out a certain blog or a movie or any product- say a cell phone or a pen. Does the 'thali' phenomenon rob me of the joy of not having too much choice at hand. Is a state of moderation better for me? A state where i am provided few simple alternatives with each being good in a certain way and i am required to just relish to the very core, the option that i go ahead with.

I get reminded of the saying 'Less is More'

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