Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hillary Clinton's speech on US approach towards the development sector

This speech by Hillary Clinton given at Center for Global Development makes some very important remarks on the way US intends to approach development challenges in countries which is intends to support through its various programs.

I really liked some of the points along with the q & a at the end of the session:

  • Important to understand how to channelize the dollars. To new countries or to countries which can act as regional anchors to development
  • The importance of understanding the context of problem in each geography and to come out with local solutions. There is no formulaic approach to development
  • Model of development based on partnership and not patronage
  • Engender local leadership
  • Not to help those who are able but not willing to help themselves
  • Aid chases need while Investment chases opportunity. Hence have a keen eye for investment
  • Work together with agencies so that we don't become redundant or duplicative
  • Work so that the 3 Ds of Development, Diplomacy and Defense get reinforced
  • Convergence of areas where the organization would focus its resources and skills
  • Looking at development not just from a moral stand point but as a strategic, economic imperative important for global stability and sustainable growth
  • Investment in technology and innovation
  • Further focus on women and girls since they are key to social, economic and political upliftment

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